Language Training Solutions has been formed to provide a highly innovative approach to the language training needs of candidates who require IELTS success in order to pursue a career in an English speaking medical environment.

Daniel Roberts

Daniel founded Language Training Solutions to deliver language examination success more quickly. Having spent a decade working in international recruitment within the healthcare sector, he was well aware of the need among candidates and employers alike to speed up the qualification process. He identified modular and supported learning provided by the very best teachers as the best way to do that. Daniel was one of the pioneers of large-scale recruitment from Portugal, but has also worked in Spain, Italy, Greece, Romania and, in recent, mainly the Indian market. He was educated at Trinity College, Dublin and University College, Dublin, studying economics and later business at postgraduate level.

Joanne Ritchie

Joanne has been both an immigrant and a recruiter, so she knows the journey travelled by Language Training Solutions' clients inside-out. She worked in the USA for 20 years, managing a recruitment business that worked with some of the biggest in Seattle and Los Angeles. Upon returning to the UK, she set up Language Training Solutions to bridge the gap in filling nursing positions with skilled professionals who want to work in the UK and US. Given her own experience, she wants to offer guidance, support and contacts to help our clients settle into life in a new country. She believes offering a personalised approach to learning will ensure a student's success.

Deirdre McCarton

Academic EFL Consultant

Deirdre has more than 20 years' experience in English language education. Her vast range of IELTS™ experience includes syllabus design, writing course materials, exam preparation and examining. Since 1995 she has taught courses specifically designed to help students gain English language qualifications, such as IELTS™, General English, First Certificate and CAE. From 2008, she has delivered business and banking English training to corporations in the Middle East. She holds a BA Honours Degree IN English and Classics from UCD, a postgraduate diploma in TESOL, from Trinity College, London and a master's in TESOL.

Sandra Reid

ESP Tutor

Sandra is an experienced English language teacher and examiner. She has worked in the ELT Sector for 10 years, teaching all levels of learners from Europe, the Middle East and Asia. She develops a personal strategy for each learner to help them achieve the confidence and competence they seek in English. She holds a degree in natural sciences and a postgraduate diploma in TESOL from Trinity College, London. Sandra, who teaches at University College, Dublin and conducts examinations in several EU countries, has extensive experience of preparing candidates for external examinations such as IELTS™ and the Cambridge FCE and CAE.

Ceaser Varghese

Business Development Consultant

Ceaser is married to a nurse and has previously worked as a recruitment manager focusing on the Indian market for an international healthcare company, so he has seen at close hand the importance of the IELTS™ qualification and general standards of medical English for those wishing to work in healthcare in an English-speaking country. He holds a master's degree in commerce.

Ann Spear

Nurse Manager

Ann comes to the business with almost 40 years of experience as a NMC Registered Nurse
She also has certificates in Nursing Older People and Occupational Health and Safety.
Ann has  practiced in a variety of clinical areas  specialising  in Surgical and High Dependency Nursing, Care of the Older Person in the Independent Care Providers sector, a former Healthcare Lecturer in Colleges of Further and Higher Education, manager in the Domiciliary Care sector and Nursing Agency Manager..
Ann is a Nurse Recruitment specialist with extensive knowledge of employment law and best practice in international recruitment