Why learn with us?

We provide one-to-one teaching that is tailored to your circumstances and coaching you towards timely and realistic examination success.

Accredited Teachers

All teachers are IELTS™ accredited.They will share their knowledge of the structure and techniques of the examination to improve your chances of passing.

Pass Rates Matter

Our teachers are motivated by pass rates, not on students paying for more tuition and IELTS™ retakes, so it is good for them and you if you pass first time.


All tuition is one-to-one , so you can maximise the time with your teacher. You will focus only on the areas of sudy that matter to you, which also keeps your costs down.

Keep your Score

We offer a systematic revision system to ensure you utilise any existing 7+ scores from previous sittings, when results can be pooled over more than one attempt.

Pay as you Learn

You pay only for the modules you need, so you can cut fees and study time, while also speeding up the visa and hiring process.

Employer Focus

The academics and recruiters on our team understand IELTS™ employers and the practicalities of job relocation. We tailor the timeline to help you pass promptly.

Medical English

We have strong connections in medical recruitment and offer specialised and offer specialist courses for medical professionals seeking a successful career in an English-speaki

Top Quality Video Delivery

Classes are delivered via Zoom™ technology, so you get a high quality interactive learning experience with exceptional visual and sound quality.

Support through our Facebook™ Group: LTS Nurses & IELTS

Many people find that being part of a community aids their study. Find friends and improve your English. Please visit us at: www.facebook.com/groups/243637086120680/

Recruitment Support

For those interested in Recruitment Support please feel free to visit our dedicated website at: https://ltsrecruitment.ie/

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Deirdre's Tips: The Speaking Test

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