How we create a lesson environment that pushes you to achieve timely examination success by combining the best one-to-one teaching with high quality technology.

Language Training Solutions: 'measuring success, one pass at a time'

The Learning Experience

Your Learning Experience

Technology that enhances your learning

• Broadband and good bandwidth
• Use of Zoom™ video technology
• Audio delivery via recording quality microphones
• Interactive visual delivery through graphics tablets

Convenient,flexible and personalised lessons

Your course is designed to make your life easier

• One-to-one learning at times requested by students
• No travelling to class
• Modular lessons personalised to your level and needs
• Study supported by interactive study material

Focused on your next move

Look forward with confidence to your IELTS™ examination in future
• Pass within your study timeline
• Avoid continual examination repetition
• Avoid unnecessary review course fees
• Start that job within the timeframe that you have set yourself.

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Language Training Solutions

Our Approach